Whiskey Outlaws

by The Langer's Ball

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The latest album from The Langer's Ball - and the first full-length studio album in 4 years! With 5 new original songs and tons of hard-hitting Irish Punk-Rock


released February 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Langer's Ball Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Whiskey Outlaws
They roll in like clouds of locust and strip your branches bare
With lust in their hearts and a thirst beyond compare
The window glass will shake, the locks won’t keep ‘em out
They pass along the shadows and they’ll fill your head with doubt

Give a sign of your contrition, step lightly on the ground
Lock up your sons and daughters, you dare not make a sound
Dim the lights and draw the drapes like no one is around
It’s far too late for an escape, the Whiskey Outlaws are in town

They’ll tear your beating hear out of your chest, take a bite and leave the rest
Just to get a taste of every man, woman and child
Set fire to your homes, they’ll leave your town in ruins
Desolate, defeated, living envy the dead

If you think you hear ‘em coming, oh, it’s much too late
There’s nothing you can do but sit there in wait
Devil’s spawn they sprung from Hell, kicking down the gate
Blood and guts and whiskey is their intoxicate
Track Name: Drinking for Two
We were such a phenomenon / Alone was not in my lexicon /I thought we’d just go on and on / Now I’m here and you are gone

Ever since you said we’re thru / Shattering my whole world view / I don’t know what else I should do / So I drink for me and I drink for you

Drinking for two / Drinking for two / Drinking for two

We’d go drinking every night / And terrorize suburbanites / Blazing ‘til the morning light / Who knew our love was so finite?

I order you up your favorite beer / ‘Cause I forget that you’re not here / It’s been well over a year / Drinking and for you just brings me cheer

I just can’t connect the dots / You got my heart tied up in knots / I must look like a crack pot / When I order up our shots

Oh, how my mind was blow / Girl, you cut me to the bone / You told me I’d become outgrown / Now I’m left here all alone

If you ever come back to me / There will be a jubilee / I’m used to twice the drink you see / That’s okay we’ll go and drink for three
Track Name: Bottoms Up (Напиваться )
Your friends assemble at the dance / It’s time to don your party pants / Grab your coat and glass and bottoms up!

Libations flow from here to there / I’ll drink them all, to this I swear / I toast to you tonight / Bottoms up!

Popping pills won’t cure your ills / Drink distillates from the stills / Vodka, rum, tequila / Bottoms up!

Whiskey is my favorite treat / The shot glass its ejector seat / Straight into my gullet / Bottoms up!

Bottoms up, we hit the ground / What goes up must come down / Grab your brush we’ll paint the town red as wine / Bottoms up no time to think / Belly up and grab a drink / Drink it down before you blink / You can’t decline

Напиваться Напиваться Напиваться

In 80 proof I baptize thee / So drink the wine, it’s sweet Chablis / Welcome to the fold / Bottoms up!

It’s time to get another round / Our sorrows they are far from drowned / Drinks will do the trick / Bottoms up!

I sing this song to Alcohol / Inebriation's wake-up call / Let’s conjure up the spirits / Bottoms up!

What you just said, I’ll drink to that / Swallow hard and tip my hat / I think I’ll have another / Bottoms up!
Track Name: Cork Dry Gin
Well the whiskey makes me frisky, I think it’s outta sight!
That’s the drink I’m drinkin’ almost every night
I may wake up with some body aches and wound up awful tight
Then I go for the hair of the dog and the thing that suits me right

Cork Dry Gin with some tonic and a lime
Cork Dry Gin it’s Martini time
I said Cork Dry Gin and I’ll be feelin’ fine
With some Cork Dry Gin

Oh the ciders a little lighter, it’s nice and sweet and dry
Amber or a golden brown, the apple of my eye
But sometimes I get bored with it and I must diversify
So I look for the bartender and you’ll hear me cry

Oh, don’t pour me Tanqueray
Beefeaters is not okay
And I don’t want that ol’ Bombay
I just want…

I’m a hoarder of the porter; I’ll drink ‘em by the score
If you drop me in a lake of it, I’d never go for shore
But sometimes after pints and pints and pints and pints galore
I wish to Christ and God above that someone would just pour
Track Name: Pigeon at the Gate
We keep on playin’ playin’ / we keep on playin’ all night long / We keep on playin’ playin’ / We hope you sing-a-long

When the father’s fighting with their sons / When the last record it has spun /
As the moon cedes night on to the dawn / Oh we play on… WE PLAY ON!

As we ingest intoxicates / Rumors they disseminate / Like the ashen pigeons at the gate / We can not wait… WE SHAL NOT WAIT!

So smash your skulls against the walls / Hordes are clamoring in the halls / Mighty Empires will fall / We play through it all… WE PLAY THOUGH IT ALL!