The Devil or the Barrel

by The Langer's Ball

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#1 Rock/Trad Album of The Year 2012 – (USA)
#2 Album of The Year 2012 - (USA)
#3 Album of The Year 2012 - (USA)
9.5 / 10 - (Ireland)


released July 31, 2012



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The Langer's Ball Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Whiskey Chaser
I am the Whiskey Chaser An’ I Never Get Enough
I Keep on Drinking all The Rare Auld Stuff
When The Bottles Empty I reach For One More
I Am The Whiskey Chaser Till I Pass Out On The Floor

I Started Out In St. Paul’s Town, But Drank The Buggers Out
I Finished up Their Whiskey Then Started On Their Stout
Then Headed Cross The River To Play Another Show
But Now The Whiskey’s Gone and I Think It’s Time To Go

I Drank Across The West Coast in Seattle & Spokane
I Slogged Through Montana and I do It All Again
Got Pissed in Kansas City & Woke Up In Waterloo
Had a Bottle Up In Fargo & In East Grand Forks With You

I Used to chase the women, but they left me in a lurch
Then I chased Salvation but just ended up in church
Chasing Fame & fortune I got caught-up by the fuzz
But now I’m chasin’ whiskey & I always catch my buzz

I’ll get lit in New York City & In Boston & P.A.
Hit The Bronx & Hell’s Kitchen & all The Pubs Along The Way
We’re drinkin’ Down To Jersey Then Head Back to The Mid-West
Chicago is Calling Where The Whiskey Is The Best

So I’ve Headed Out on The Road Across The U.S.A.
I’m Drinkin Now In this old Town, But I’ll Be On My Way
There’s Lots Of Other Boozers & Lots of Places Yet to See
I Won’t Be Back Through Here ‘Till Yer’ Next Delivery
Track Name: I Know My Love
I know my love by his way of walking,
And I know my love by his way of talking
And I know my love by his jacket blue
And if my love leaves me, what will I do?

And still she cries I love him the best
But a troubled mind, sure it’ll have no rest."
And still she cried, "Bonny boys are few,
And if my love leaves me, what will I do?"

There is a dance house in Maradyke
And it’s there my love he goes every night
And takes a fine girl upon his knee
ah, but don’t you know that’s what bothers me

If my love knew I could wash and wring
If my love knew I could weave and spin
I'd make a suit of the finest kind
But his want of money leaves me behind.

I know my love is a handsome rover
And I know my love oh the world over
And in dear old Ireland no longer tarry
And an English girl he is sure to marry
Track Name: Johnny Jump Up
I'll tell you a story that happened to me One day as I went down to Cork by the sea
The day it was bright and the sun it was warm, Says I a quiet pint wouldn't do me no harm
I went in and I called for a bottle of stout, I'm sorry, Says the barkeep all the beer is sold out
Try whiskey or paddy, ten years in the wood Says I, I'll try cider, I've heard that it’s good.

Oh never, Oh never, Oh never again If I live to see a hundred or a hundred and ten
I fell to the ground and I couldn't get up After drinking a quart of the Johnny Jump Up

After downing the third I went out to the yard Where I bumped into Brody, the big civic guard
Come here to me boy, don't you know I'm the law? Well, I up with me fist and I shattered his jaw

He fell to the ground with his knees doubled up But it wasn't I hit him, 'twas Johnny Jump Up
The next thing I remember down in Cork by the sea Was a cripple on crutches and says he to me

I'm afraid of me life I'll be hit by a car Won't you help me across to the Celtic Knot Bar?
After downing a quart of that cider so sweet He threw down his crutches and danced on his feet

I went up the lee road, a friend for to see They call it the madhouse in Cork by the Sea
But when I got there, sure the truth I will tell, They had this poor bugger locked up in a cell

Said the guard, testing him, say these words if you can, "Around the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran"
Tell him I'm not crazy, tell him I'm not mad It was only a sip of the bottle I had

Well, a man died in the union by the name of McNabb They washed him and laid him outside on a slab
And after his measurements the coroner did take His wife brought him home to a bloody fine wake

Twas about 12 o'clock and the beer was high The corpse he sits up and says with a sigh
I can't get to heaven, they won't let me up Til I bring them a quart of that Johnny Jump Up
Track Name: Rye Whiskey
Jack o' Diamonds Jack o' Diamonds I know you most of all
You've robbed my poor pockets of my silver and my gold
It’s a whiskey you rascall you've been my downfall
You've cuffed me and you've kicked me but I love you most of all.

Oh whiskey Rye Whiskey Whiskey oh I cry
If I don’t get Rye Whiskey well surely I will die.

I’ll go to yonder mountain and set up my still
I’ll make you a gallon for a ten dollar bill.
It’s beefcake when I'm hungry and it’s Whiskey when I'm dry
Greenbacks when I'm hard up and Hell for me when I die

If the sea was made of whiskey and I was a duck
I'd swim to the bottom and never would come up.
Now the sea ain't made of whiskey and I’m not a duck
So I’ll play Jack O’ Diamond and trust on my luck.
Track Name: Real Old Mountain Dew
Let grasses grow and waters flow in a free and easy way
But give me enough of the rare ould stuff that's made near Galway Bay
And policemen all from Donegal, from Sligo and Leitrim too
We'll give them the slip and we'll take a sip of the real old mountain dew

Hi-the-diddley-I-dill-dum, diddley-doodle-I-dill-um, diddley- doo-ri-diddley-di-day
Hi-the-diddley-I-dill-um, diddley-doo-dill-I-dill-um, diddley- doo-ri-diddley-di-day

At the foot of the hill, there's a neat little still, with the smoke curling up to the sky
By the smoke and the smell, you can plainly tell, that there's poteen, boys, nearby
For it fills the air with perfume rare and betwixt both me and you
As home we roll, we can drink a bowl or a bucketful of mountain dew

Now learned men who use the pen, have wrote the praises high
That sweet poteen from Ireland green, distilled from wheat and rye
Throw away your pills, it will cure all ills of Pagan, Christian or Jew
Take off you coat and grease your throat with the real old mountain dew
Track Name: The Little Vagabond
Dear mother, dear mother, the church is cold,
But the ale-house is healthy and pleasant and warm;
Besides I can tell where I am used well,
Such usage in Heaven will never do well.

But if at the church they would give us some ale,
And a pleasant fire our souls to regale,
We'd sing and we'd pray all the live-long day,
Nor ever once wish from the church to stray.

Then the parson might preach, and drink, and sing,
And we'd be as happy as birds in the spring;
And modest Dame Lurch, who is always at church,
Would not have bandy children, nor fasting, nor birch.

And God, like a father rejoicing to see
We’d all be as happy and pleasant as he,
Would have no more quarrel with the Devil or the barrel,
But kiss him, and give him both drink and apparel.
Track Name: Kick Around
You won’t have me to kick around anymore
I won’t come knocking at your door
I think you know just what this song is for
You won’t have me to kick around anymore

Your committees, groups and policies
The lines are blurred and you can’t see
Between the way things are
And the way they aught to be
You left me out in the cold
Angry, drunk and all alone
But you can’t see No!

Self-righteous bunch you’ve grown to be
Look for a reason to take me
Down and rake me
Across the coals
You call the shots you run the show
You think you’re fame will never go
But you will see Oh

You won’t help me
I know you’ll see
It will never be

You hold the cards, the deck is stacked
But I won’t let that hold me back
Just deal out the hand
One Two Three
I don’t need to play your game
Fair is fair and you’re to blame
But you still don’t see No!
Track Name: All For Me Grog
And it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog
All for me beer and tobacco
I've spent all me tin on the lassies drinking gin
Across the western ocean I must wander

Where are me boots, me noggin' noggin' boots
They're all gone for beer and tobacco
the heels all worn out and the toes are kicked about
the soles are looking out for better weather

Where is me shirt me noggin' noggin' shirt
It's all gone for beer and tobacco
the collar is worn out, thread-bare ands tossed about
The sleeves are looking out for better weather

I'm sick in the head and I haven't been to bed
Since first I came ashore with me plunder
I spent all me dough on the Lassies don’t you know
Across the western ocean I must wander
Track Name: Mackey's Daughter
Bartender pour me another
I’m gonna go talk to Mackey’s Daughter
Drink a Drink then Drink Another
So I can talk to Mackey’s Daughter
Drink a Drink then drink another
Drink a Drink then drink another
Drink a Drink then drink another
Drink Drink Drink another!!!!

She sits alone a silent beauty
Open seat right by her side
If we could talk for just one minute
Then I might take her for a ride
2 3 4

Her Cheeks are like the some ruby roses
Eyes as deep blue as the sea
Or sparklin’, shimmerin’, shinin’ Diamonds
I hope that she’ll come home with me
2 3 4

Mackey is Known for his might right hook
but His left’ll hit me just as hard
I’ll take my chances with old Mackey
That I might take her up the yard
2 3 4
Track Name: Fields of Athenry
By a lonely prison wall, I heard a young girl calling
Michael, they have taken you away,
For you stole Trevelyn's corn,So the young might see the morn.
Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay.

Low lie the fields of Athenry
Where once we watched the small free birds fly
Our love was on the wing We had dreams and songs to sing
It's so lonely round the fields of Athenry

In a lonely prison cell, I heard a young man call
"Nothing matters, Mary, when you're free
Against the famine and the crown, I rebelled, they dragged me down.
Now you must raise our child with dignity."

By a lonely harbor wall, She watched the last star fall
As the prison ship sailed out against the sky
For she lived to hope and pray For her love in Botany Bay
It's so lonely round the fields of Athenry.
Track Name: One More
Woke up in a new town and The room is spinning round
My head keeps on pounding I can’t get off the ground
I grab my old suit And I’m headin’ for the door
Brush off my scally cap Just to do it all once more

Just one more For Me Tonight
Just One More For Me

The sun is shinning in my eyes As we roll down the road
300 miles to the next bar We’re burning through petrol
It feels like a hammer is pounding on my brain
My body aches my hands shake just to do it all again

The night starts setting in & I can’t help forgetting
That Nothing else Matters To Me
The Room is full, The Night is young The Pints are cold & this is fun
Lets get ready to do it all again

The next morning I feel the same But I’ll keep on in this game
We load up our gear & We’re headed for the door
I turn Back to see your face Behind you is an empty place
Theres nothing here to see C’mon, let’s do it all once more
Track Name: Johnny, You're a Rovin' Blade
What will you do when the whiskey’s done? Hey Ho, Johnny
What Will you do when the Whiskey’s done? Hey My Johnny O
What Will you do when the Whiskey’s done? Sit by the fire drink hot rum
Johnny is a boy who likes his fun, Johnny you’re a roving blade

Johnny you’re a roving blade game ball Johnny you’re a roving blade
Johnny you’re a roving blade game ball Johnny you’re a roving blade

What will you do in the summer time? Hey Ho Johnny
What will you do in the summer time? Hey My Johnny O
What will you do in the summer time? Drink cold beer & blood red wine
When the weather’s warm it’ll suit me fine, Johnny you’re a roving blade

What will you do when your true love goes? Hey Ho Johnny
What will you do when your true love goes? Hey My Johnny O
What will you do when your true love goes? There’s many other flower’s sweet as a rose
And many in the garden grows, Johnny you’re a roving blade

What will you do when it’s time to die? Hey Ho Johnny
What will you do when it’s time to die? Hey My Johnny O
What will you do when it’s time to die? Look St. Peter in the eye
I’ll tell him that I’m Feeling awfully dry, Johnny you’re a roving blade
Track Name: Wild Rover Polka
I've been a wild rover for many a year
I spent all my money on whiskey and beer,
And now I'm returning with gold in great store
And I never will play the wild rover no more.

And it's no, nein, never,
No nein never no more,
Will I play the wild rover
Nein never no more.

I went to Bierstube I used to frequent
And I told that young fraulein my money was spent.
I asked her for credit, she answered me "nein”
Such a custom as yours I could get anytime."

I drew from my pocket ten deutschmarks so bright
And that young frauleins eyes opened wide with delight.
She said "I have whiskey und wines of the best
und der words that I spoke they were only in jest."

I'll go home to my parents, confess what I've done
And I'll ask them to pardon their polka playin’ son.
And if they forgive me as ofttimes before
Sure they’ll roll out the barrel & we’ll dance on the floor.

Roll out the barrel, we’ll have a barrel of fun
Roll out the barrel we’ve got the blues on the run
Buy me a whiskey & I’ll have a mighty good time
Roll out the barrel for the gangs all here!